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Last week I got some bad news from my boss. I wasn’t fired or anything that bad but he told me that all overtime was cut until further notice. I had been working at least an extra shift a week and relied on that extra money. It was quite a shock but I still have a job so it could be worse. I try to look at the bright side of things and this is no different. I just had to make some adjustments in how I spend my money is all. The biggest thing was cutting back on how much I eat out. I am no cook or even close to one so I like to eat out a lot especially at work. I am now packing sandwiches every day but Friday as I am going to give myself that day to still eat out.

I also took a long hard look at all of my bills to see if I could lower any of them. I started by doing an auto insurance comparison and was able to save some money there. I also called my cell phone company and made some adjustments and saved some there. I had to cut back on my minutes but it wasn’t like I was using them anyways. I still get free nights and weekends and that is when I use my phone most of the time.

The good news is my boss told me this wouldn’t be forever. I guess the company is just in a slow cycle right now and when things pick back up the overtime rule will go to the wayside. I was thinking about picking up a part-time job if things get really tough but I don’t think it will come to that. I know my friend Mark delivers pizzas and he said he can make some nice cash on the weekends. He also said the restaurant he works at is always looking for good drivers so I have that in my back pocket. I just wouldn’t want to put all the extra wear and tear on my already older vehicle. I am coming up on 100,000 miles pretty soon. I can’t believe I’ve owned the same car for 6 years now but I have. I just really like this one and will probably drive it into the ground. I just hope that I can get a couple more years out of it.

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